Wednesday, July 24, 2013

summer is FLYING by in a chevron daze!

I cant believe how fast this summer is flying by!! I'm excited to meet my new kiddos but I'd like summer to slow down- just a little!
I have been so busy spending every minute with my nephew while he was here that I have had no time to blog or anything else!

Heres a few cute fun things we made for the fourth!
Yumm!! I found these marshmallows from Walmart and thought they would be so cute in a vase. Wellll of course I could only find a huge vase around the house so luckily we had crunch bars and then added some candy to the top! He had more fun eating it than making it ;)
I found this drink recipe on Pinterest (of course) and it was so easy! We called it a "fire cracker". It has cranberry juice at the bottom (I used cranapple), Sobe pina colada, and then blue gatoraid!! We also made some "adult" ones that were pretty tasty as well!

so for my lack of school motivation I did send out newsletters and my adorable postcards last week!
I sent them a little blurb about how excited I was to see them, how to get ready for the first day of school, supply list, and dates to know. Chevron had to be included...obsession?

I have already posted about this but y'all I am SO excited about my "teacher tool box" thanks to the pinterest gods.

again...chevron issues??? This is going to work great since I dont have a desk in my little bitty classroom.
I have spent hundreds on classroom supplies..havent we all? My excuse..its all on sale!! You never know when those 200+ glue sticks will come in handy.
In the midst of a Hobby Lobby trip I did find some burlap material. I knew just what I would do to it thanks to The Bubbly Blonde teacher.
A sign for my writing center! Mine is nowhere near perfect. I didnt measure/draw/think or anything! I free handed the pencils (which you can tell since they are completely different sizes). After that I painted them and hot glued them to the line. I wanted a stress free project and somehow a ruler just makes me a little OCD! I am going to use the glitter clothespins to allow my kiddos to hang their writing while in the center! Fun, fun, fun!
I then spent a few days at Edisto Beach with my amazing first grade team, seriously they are the best. We did some serious planning.
see...cant you tell? {Again, chevron issues!!}
But really does discussing pinterest finds and spelling strategies while having your toes in the sand count as planning??

To top of my last little vaca to the beach I come home to find out that I won my first giveaway from the amazing Meet Miss Parker, seriously go follow her.

comon' its fate right? chevron!

I hope I'll be able to get into my room tomorrow so that my house does not look like the middle of walmart! Hopefully, it wont be on chevron overload when I leave!

<3 Britt

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Rainy Sunday

Wah. A rainy sunday in the summer is no fun! I made the most of it by running to my classroom to look at all the mess things I needed to get done! Cant wait to get in and get organized but I'm going to soak up the rest of summer first!

I did get some fun crafting done while the boyfriend watched "man movies"

I love my mini laminator so I can get crafty when I feel the urge! My teacher neighbor had one and talked me into it! Love.

I finally got around to making an awesome teacher tool box that I have seen everywhere  on pinterest.  I first saw the idea here - stop on over for an easy "how to"
I am so excited about how mine turned out!!

 I saw the awesome chevron labels on TpT from here! So really I cant take credit for any of it! - but I am so excited to use it!!

<3 Britt

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

First post!

I finally broke down and created a blog! Whew, who knows when I'll have time to post and I know the boyfriend is going to kill me. Shhh! :)

Since its summer vacation-yeehaww. I have been spending alot of time with this little cutie... nephew who I rarely get to see since my brother is in the AirForce stationed in Texas. wah :(

We have been to Universal Studios, Sea World, Beaufort, and everywhere in between trying to soak up every piece of summer!!

Needless to say, I have been doing very little school things-other than shopping! Idid purchase the cutest postcards to send my new babies! Thanks to Doodle Bugs Paper- I'd like one of everything on her page!

Hopefully I'll get a grasp of this blog thing and be sharing again!

<3 Britt